Christian baptism is a sign from God which symbolises Christ’s death and resurrection, inward cleansing from sin in the life of a new believer, and the gift of the Holy Spirit who brings new spiritual life.  It has always been given to new Christians symbolising their new identity as followers of Jesus Christ.  The baptism of children represents their parents’ desire that the child should belong to Jesus Christ and live as one of his followers and a member of the church.  For this reason it is best if parents are active churchgoers themselves.

To have a child baptised with us you will need to make contact with our minister, preferably by coming to a Sunday church service.  This also enables you to be a part of the congregation into which the child will be welcomed in baptism.  You will then be able to get an information booklet about the baptism.  Since baptism involves serious promises made before God, the minister will meet with you in order to chat about the Christian faith and make sure you have a clear understanding of it.

Baptisms are normally conducted on Sundays at our 9:30am service but can also be arranged at other times if necessary.

For those who wish to thank God for the birth of a new child but feel unable to make the baptism promises in good conscience, we also offer a simple service of thanksgiving.